Camera Demon vs Go Pro

Choosing the right helmet camera solution that suits your needs is important. The GoPro Hero 3 helmet cam is one of the best on the market but costing up to £359.99 it doesn't come cheap.

The Camera Demon is an affordable head camera solution that turns the digital camera you already own into an all-action camera that is safe and secure.


Camera Demon

Go Pro Hero 3

Price £12.99 From £199.99
Quick release mount
Compatible with your digital camera No
Photo Quality Dependant on your camera* 5MP
Video Quality Dependant on your camera** 1080p 30 fps
3D ready *** No
Two Years
One Year

* Most modern digital cameras offer 10-16 MegaPixels, more than twice the picture resolution of the GoPro.
** Bestselling digital video cameras like the Sony HandyCam HD have 1080p video quality, almost double the quality of the GoPro Hero 3.
*** Requires you to have a 3D ready digital camera